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Arco Ambulancias came to light in the spring of 2004, on March 17 to be precise. This was the day when the first ambulance was purchased, starting this project. Many professionals from medical emergencies have participated in it. ARCO AMBULANCIAS was the first company to have duly nationalized units in the region because diesel combustion vehicles were not allowed to import. After a process before the Secretariat of Economy, we obtained a definitive import permit; giving rise to being the first company in Baja California to offer foreign transfers by land, making the first of these to the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa in the month of April, followed by one to Mazatlán and Guadalajara, Jalisco in December of 2004.

Also, we were the first group of ambulances to successfully accredit a Cofepris audit in 2007, at that time, under the criteria of NOM-237-SSA1-2004. We currently comply with NOM-034-SSA3-2013.

ARCO AMBULANCIAS was born mainly as a for-profit company. However, as a socially responsible company, creates the volunteer section in which guards are set on weekends to support the Fire Department in emergency care for free.

Within the corporate purpose of ARCO AMBULANCIAS is the patient transfer service, the coverage of events with particular units or third-party units, both land and air; we offer the service from bed to bed in the transfer of patients. We currently have 6 of our own units deployed in Baja California and Baja California Sur.


ARCO AMBULANCIAS and hospitals UCSD, SCRIPPS and SHARP maintain a close relationship for the coordination and reception of patients.

In 2010, ARCO AMBULANCIAS expanded its range of services, venturing into consulting and training of civil protection subjects, industrial safety and prevention, and fire control, giving birth to ARCO CAPACITACIÓN. In 2017 we achieved the Independent Evaluator certification of the RED SEP CONOCER, thereby offering a variety of certifications on health and safety issues.



Type 2, type 3, and type 9 units endorsed and certified by COFEPRIS.


With national license plates.

Emblematic Colors

On a white background, side stripes in lemon green with a white reflective vinyl outline, with a star of life on the back side with a white reflective vinyl outline, an electrocardiogram trace in red reflective material showing a line from the fender up to two-thirds starting a PQRST stroke on the star of life and logos with white reflective vinyl and blue outline.


DOCTORS, NURSES AND TECHNICIANS IN PREHOSPITAL MEDICAL CARE: certified in different areas, such as basic and intermediate emergency medical technicians, specialists in ACLS, PHTLS, PEPP; endorsed by various institutions, such as the American Heart Association, CCESPUR, Mexican Red Cross, to name a few.

Juan Enrique González Corona.
Juan Alfonso Castro Romo.
Álvarez García Alberto.
Aramburo Bojórquez Martin Roberto.
Camacho Retiz Armando.
Félix Soto Enrique.
García Alcaraz Humberto.
González García Erick.
Hernández Durán Jorge.
Pelayo Cortes Eva.
Real Villafaña Pablo Esteban.
Serrano Medrano Arturo.
Sosa Rosas Itzel Yaretzi.
Villaseñor Leal José.
Mejía Espinoza José Francisco.
Dr. Víctor Martín Ruiz Díaz (Director Médico) Cedula
Profesional 3516917


(664) 363-5054

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